Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Batch scripting : managing configurational complexity

Processing calculations using third-party analytical software may turn out to be more like a process, requiring several independent tasks to be executed in a certain order, before any actual magic will happen. The one I have been using, was initially delivered with relatively large collection of black box executables. I decided to streamline those executables out from the picture by (first studying and then) using API. However, there were still a lot of tricky housekeeping stuff to be done before and after the actual number crunching (ex. required source data creation, result processing).

For all required housekeeping stuff, I created independent programs (executables), which were wrapped inside batch script files to be called, since a lot of auxiliary information was required as feed for executables (ex. address to configuration file). The process was working like a dream up to the point, in which some minor changes were made into existing network folder structure. I confess the following : almost all path addresses in batch script wrapper files were actually hard-coded. In order to compensate this horrible tragedy, I decided to use relative paths in script files. Solution was again technically working well, but script files were quickly being polluted by lines of incomprehensible streams. Solving possible issues would definitely be excrutiating experience for any non-experienced person. I also realized, that given some specific change to be made in the future, there would still be janitor work to be done with several script files. Bad omen.

As being non-expert on batch scripting, I finally decided to go to direction which is the most comfortable for me : constructing all required configurations from one centralized place. For this specific process, I created a batch script which is creating all possible configuration strings (mostly addresses to folders containing other configurations or executables). This script would then be called, before any other batch script content would be executed. Since the law of conservation of misery states "total amount of misery in a system is constant", one may well then ask what was the actual gain ? Firstly, lines of commands in wrapper script files were much more comprehensible (think about someone else on your desk when something happens) and secondly, given any future changes in network directory, changes would be made only in one place. At least for me, these issues are more than justifying the proposed scheme.

Batch script implementations

Script for creating "global" configurations

Script for using "global" configurations script

Script (MarketDataFeeder.bat) being called inside previous script

Test run (executing Datafeed.bat)

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